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Everly’s Birth

You know how they say that big purchases should be discussed with your spouse first? Ya…I kinda skipped that for this purchase. Nevermind that hubby just got laid off. I mean, we KNEW he’d get a job soon, so it was ok….right? 😉

I knew I had to have Monet at my next birth. And I was so excited that it was finally going to be in the right city for it. She was a fantastic addition to our labor and delivery. Not only for the AMAZING photos but also for the encouragement she provided.

Everly’s was the first birth that happened like it does in the movies. Where the water breaks first and suddenly you’re thinking “well, here comes baby!” Thankfully that made it possible for me to text Monet and one of my best friends, Kellie, so they could make the hour drive (at 2:30am) to be there in time for Everly to make her appearance. So here are my favorites that she captured.